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Information Management and Custom Databases

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Custom Databases

Databases can be used in a variety of ways to simplify your business operations. The following are a few applications that work well for our clients and may work for you.

Customer management

Increase sales by managing clients more effectively. Store client information in an accessible way and locate details, track project status, and update information quickly and easily.


Simplify your accounting and accommodate unique invoicing requirements by automating complex pricing structures. Format invoices for print or electronic distribution and automatically send information to your accounting system.

Inventory control

Streamline stocktaking and simplify ordering through product tracking and inventory control. Track and reorder product through customized categories, seasonal trends, current inventory levels, sales history, and more.

Time Keeping

Maximize profits with a customized time keeping system. Keep track of billable and non-billable hours and process payroll summary calculations, then automatically coordinate data with your invoicing program.

Data Analysis and General Reporting

Assess management goals, progress and results with custom reporting. Extract and consolidate information from your existing systems to calculate and analyze margins and profitability. Effortlessly create and distribute comprehensive management reports.